About Us

Since 1995, we have organised annual summer camps for children affected by the war in Bosnia- Herzegovina and the Balkan region. The camps are concerned with how music and creative arts may offer these children support in their social development and well-being.

This year the Balkans Music Camps celebrate their 24th anniversary.   Through creative music making the children are able to write and perform their own original compositions, giving voice to emotions that could not be expressed or went unheard.

Since the war Professor Osborne has travelled to the region with a team of volunteer musicians to continue working with children and young adults with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The nature of the work is continually developing to incorporate the needs of the children and young people of the region.

While many of the people who now attend the camps did not suffer first hand war-trauma, there are increasing cases of secondary trauma.  Children suffer adverse affects from the fractures evident in their societies and from being raised by extremely traumatised adults who never had access to the medical care they required.

The camps do a great deal of work with people with multiple support needs, a group that is often overlooked in the Balkan region where some would perhaps be afraid to admit to having a child with additional support needs.  We work closely with The Pula Centre for Rehabilitation in Croatia and the Los Rosales Special Needs School in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina.